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Since the introduction of computers into our everyday lives, many people are exposed to increased visual difficulties during their normal working day.

These problems are well recognised and employers are required to comply with legislation laid down in the The Health and Safety DSE (display screen equipment) regulations .

VDU users covered by the regulations are those people who regularly use a VDU terminal for spells of more than 1 hour, or less if mistakes can have a critical effect (e.g. situations where errors can have serious consequences).

Under the Regulations an employer must pay the cost of a regular eye examination and if spectacles are required specifically for use at a VDU workstation then these will also be provided at the employer's expense.

The VDU eye examination will include all the provisions of a normal eye examination but will be extended to take into account the needs of the individual VDU user in relation to the DSE Regulations.

Most Human Resources or Safety Officers will be familiar with the requirements and will advise you of their arrangements for complying with the legislation.

Other important factors are the quality of the ambient lighting, avoiding irritating reflections from the screen by carefully positioning monitors away from windows and the selection of desks and seating to ensure correct posture.

If you use a computer, one of the key things that can reduce visual strain is having an anti reflection finish on your lenses.

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